About Us

Who are we?

Thank you so much for visiting our site! We are a small family run, socially responsible business located in beautiful area of San Diego County called Rainbow, California, USA. We have been working with bamboo for over 15 years. We started with various bamboo products including the first of its kind bamboo skateboards as an eco friendly alternative to maple skateboards. Over the years working with bamboo, we discovered all of the amazing benefits and uses of bamboo fibers such as their ability to eliminate odor and excess moisture. So, we decided to create a pair of socks made out of bamboo rayon. We initially began selling these socks to skaters but then quickly realized because of their popularity that everyone wanted these amazing socks! So, at the beginning of 2018, we started selling bamboo socks to everyone! 

Life Changing Socks!

We set out to change a very common, ordinary article of clothing into the best and most comfortable!  We knew that Rayon made from Bamboo could solve many common issues such as smelly, sweaty feet which is why we were passionate about creating a product that would be life changing for our customers. Our customers no longer have to worry about smelly and sweaty feet with our Rayon made from Bamboo fiber socks!  

The Benefits of Bamboo:

  • It eliminates odor- The Rayon made from Bamboo Fibers actually absorb and trap odors keeping you smelling fresh and clean all day!
  • It keeps moisture away from the body. Unlike other fabrics which claim to be moisture wicking, the Rayon made from Bamboo fibers actually absorb water as it is able to hold up to 3 times its weight in water. This keeps the moisture away from your skin so that you stay dry and comfortable even after hours of sweating. 
  • It’s super Soft and Comfortable- Our socks and underwear are super soft and will definitely make you feel nice and cozy!

Customer Satisfaction

Our number one goal is for us to provide the best socks on the market to our customers and we want you to LOVE our socks just as much as we do! If for some reason there is an issue with your order please reach out to us within 30 days of purchase via email at info@bamboosports.us for a full refund or replacement. 

Here’s what our customers are saying:

We have had thousands of happy customers over the past few years and we have been very moved by the amazing feedback that we have been getting from customers.  Here are some examples of how life changing bamboo can be:

“I exercise a lot and do a lot of physical activity and was dealing with some pretty gnarly sweaty feet / fungus / etc. Within a week of wearing these socks all my skin issues cleared up totally.” -Dillon Brown

“I've been on the hunt for good breathable socks for a while and these are everything I could ask for! They're super comfortable, breathe better than any other sock I've ever tried, and they are strong enough to handle a ten hour day on a construction site without getting worn down and torn up. I will never buy a different brand again! A++” - Dan

“My son's feet smelled HORRIBLE everyday after school. It was unbearable. I figured I'd give these a shot along with some bamboo charcoal bags to go in his shoes when he's not wearing them. Although the price is much more than I'd like to pay for kid's socks, I have to say, these are so worth it! There has been ZERO odor since he started wearing these! I'm so impressed! They are incredibly soft and seem to be well made.”

“Love love love these socks. They're my go to work socks now. I had issues with sweating before and once I started wearing these, my feet have been dry. They're soft and clearly made with durable fabric. I definitely would recommend them to anyone who wants comfy and moisture-wicking socks.” - Jacqueline

What’s next?

Right now we are selling Rayon made from Bamboo socks and men's underwear and bamboo charcoal shoe and boot deodorizers that we call Bamboo Wickies. Our line is very quickly expanding and we are adding new products every few months! Stay connected to us by following us on social media and signing up for our email newsletter to learn about some exciting new products made of bamboo that will be launching soon!