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Bamboo Sports Invisible No Show Socks

James Davis bamboo underwear

I love it. It is comfortable and my wife even wears it.

Men's 4" Inseam Bamboo Boxer Briefs - 4 Pack

Comfortable, soft socks.

From the second I sheathed my little tootsies in these socks, I knew I had found love.

Quarter High Bamboo Socks
Stephen Milliken

My son loves his socks.

Premium Bamboo Quarter High Crew Socks (3 Pack)

Like Buttah

Alright I'm sold, these things are hecking cozy. Hopefully they also last a while.


Take forever to dry. I use a clothes rack to dry.

Sorry you are unhappy Sylvia. Our socks do take longer to dry because the bamboo fibers absorb moisture better than cotton or wool. That's what helps keep them from stinking.


These socks are the BEST I've ever had. They are so comfortable. It's like I don't have any on. They also keep my feet dry. These are the ONLY SOCKS that do that. I LOVE them and will be buying MORE.


Bamboo socks are extremely soft. Wish they were just a little thicker on the bottom. I have neuropathy in my feet and need much cushion.

Bamboo Briefs

Bamboo briefs are so comfortable, very soft.

Bamboo socks

They 're the best. My feet don't sweat or stinks anymore.

The goat ...

There are a hand full of times in life where something happens and you know things will never be the same. This is one of those times.

Over the the past 20 years I've tried to find a solution to my situation where I sweat a lot and two things happen: chaffing or fungal incident. This tends to come on week long hikes or times when I go all day hustling around for more than a day. Life happens. Well, I'm glad to say this situation is a thing no more.

Not only do they feel like the highest thread count sheets (after going thru the wash for 3 yrs) they do some fancy science stuff with the microorganism world (see google scholar).

The main reason I went with bamboo is b/c of the antifungal/antibacterial properties (aka anti jock itch). You pair this with some tea tree soap, and the boys will stay in tip top shape! Lets just say that bamboo sports boxers are undefeated in my world.

**Note, if you are right on the upper limit of sizes, I recommend to go UP a size. It's not drastic, and I wear both XL and XXL. I hover around the very top waist size number for XL, and I prefer XXL.


Omg these are the BEST products I've ever had. Love them and WILL be getting more. The feel. The fit. Are perfect.

Best Socks Ever!

These socks are amazing. I am a long-distance walker and they’re exactly the right weight and texture to make those walks so comfortable. And soft? You won’t find softer.

Excellent Socks!

I love my new Bamboo Sports socks because they are soft, form-fitting but not too tight, and they launder nicely!

fantastic socks for skiing

Quarter high socks

Stay in place, wick nicely, family loves wearing in hot climate of southern New Mexico and humid Florida. Best bamboo sock company we bought from...staying with Bamboo Sports all the way!

Best socks on the planet!

I started wearing these socks last summer. I’d have to admit I bought them off of Amazon because it was easiest for me to order. At some point I purchased a pair that were low quality in my opinion. This caused me to do some research and I quickly found y’all website for your product. I’m thrilled with these socks. I’m a little confused about why they’re not available elsewhere. These are the only socks that I’ve been able to find that DO NOT MAKE MY FEET STINK after wearing them all day in any climate. Everyone in my house has several pairs of them now.


Bought for five members of our family. My husband is using them after running and says they work well. My one son-in-law said that he likes how they are able to be recharged. Haven't heard from others yet. Another son-in-law will receive middle of this month. Lori Simmons

Men's Bamboo Crew Socks
Scott Griffith
Simply Awesome Socks!

These are by far the most comfortable sock you will EVER wear!


I spend a lot of time exercising so I tend to sweat a lot. Even with that, these briefs feel very comfortable and consistent every time I sweat in them.

In addition to that, they have had the same consistency throughout every wash. I highly recommend these briefs to everybody; I bought a few more because of my experience.

Thank you Bamboo Sports!

Second time purchase

Bought these 1st time as a gift for my wife , 2nd time because she's spoiled & dosnt want to wear any other socks . Best socks in the world she says

Sizes run small/tight

As someone with a 31” waist, looking at the size chart made it a difficult decision because the Small is 28” - 30”, whereas the Medium is 32” - 36”. I erred on the smaller size to avoid future loosening and it was a mistake. Way too tight! Please mention this on your website. Thank you. Otherwise, they are of good, durable quality, and I imagine size Medium will be perfect.