Women's Bamboo Socks

Women's Bamboo Socks

Built from 100% pure bamboo fiber

Howdy all! Check out our most ravishing collection of bamboo socks for women. Made of premium quality bamboo fiber, our socks comprise skin-healing characteristics. From finger-space fungus to foul odor to bacteria, womens bamboo socks are designed to fight these all.

We have the widest collection for ladies bamboo ankle socks in California. It features invisible, no-show, quarter high, and crew socks, available in all sizes. Each category is expertly infused with shock-proof & water-absorbent technology to provide your feet utmost comfort & safety while snow-boarding, skiing, white-water rafting, and other strenuous events such as hiking.

Unlike cotton, synthetic and wool socks, we've made our ladies bamboo ankle socks 60% extra durable. Our entire collection is notable for not losing its grip & elasticity after vigorous washing & years of usage.

Maintaining thermoregulation & skin-friendly temperature, our ladies bamboo ankle socks will never disappoint you with its durability. It has been designed resilient against friction, surprise stretch, and heavy load. In addition, the energetic dual-tone colors & single tone classic patterns of our womens bamboo socks are just for missis with a sporting soul.

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