6 healthy reasons to choose bamboo fiber over other natural fabrics

Eliminates Odor

Bamboo has antibacterial and anti-fungal qualities that are maintained even after multiple washings to help eliminate unpleasant odors caused by bacteria leaving you smelling fresh. The anti-fungal properties help prevent fungus from thriving in socks and shoes making these socks perfect for anyone who struggles with athletes foot or similar types of fungus. 

Moisture Wicking

Bamboo is highly absorbent and is able to hold up to three times its weight in water. This quality translates to an excellent ability to wick and pull moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. 

Super Soft & Comfortable

Bamboo Fabric is naturally super soft and comfortable  and is one of the softest fabrics on the planet! Once you try bamboo you will never want to wear cotton ever again! 

Regulates Temperature

Bamboo keeps you cool and dry in the summer while still being able to keep you warm and dry in the winter time. The reason for this is because bamboo fabric traps warm air in to keep you warm in the winter while still being breathable and naturally moisture wicking to keep you cool and dry in the summer.

Eco Friendly

Bamboo takes only a few years to grow to maturity and it doesn’t require fertilizer or pesticides to grow quickly and strongly making it eco friendly.

Hypoallergenic & Anti-Static

After processing, bamboo fibers do not contain any harmful chemicals and is hypoallergenic so that even the most sensitive skin will be comfortable with this fabric. It's anti-static properties also prevent it from clinging to the skin to maintain comfort and breathability.